2017 Color of the Year

Although it is cold, gray, and wintry outside, I am feeling quite fresh and energized inside of our Northern California studio (and it's not because I've had too much coffee).  Let me explain why ...

Around this every year, I get excited because Pantone reveals their color trends for the upcoming year. They assign one or two particular shades as the color/s of the year, and the color/s that they pick are always spot on trend.  

Last year, they chose a pastel pink (Rose Quartz) and pastel blue (Serenity) which were frequently used in just about every application from fashion and interiors to product design and advertising.    

So, as a Designer, it feels like Christmas comes a bit early when I find out about Pantone's Color of the Year selections.

This morning, I grabbed my coffee, got on my laptop to sign into the Pantone webinar for the big reveal, and lo and behold, found out that the 2017 Color of the Year is ....  (drumroll please)  ...



Honestly, my first reaction was to turn my nose up a bit.  "It's so bright," I initially thought. But once it settled in, I realized that I actually love this color for 2017.  It's exciting, vibrant, and fresh, and as Pantone puts it, Greenery "provides us with the reassurance that we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment."

My next assignment was to figure out how we can all apply this vivid shade into weddings and events for 2017.  I believe I already have the answer ...


Use Greenery with complementary pastels, warm whites, silvers, and grays. Keep your wedding color palettes romantic, soft, and sophisticated.  The English garden theme was already trending in 2016, and I have a feeling it will be even more present in the upcoming year with this color on deck.

Within the next few weeks, we'll be rolling out our wedding invitation designs for 2017.  Be on the look out for this beautiful shade of green in our design selections.

- Kimberley, Founder and Lead Designer of Project Invite

Team Project Invitegreen